Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kathy Dianne West


Where to start…? Too many things to list so I will just start my list for you and add to it as I go.

Thank you for…

  • raising me all on your own
  • showing me the value and necessity of working hard
  • teaching me to say please and thank you
  • making me do my best in school or else
  • modeling southern hospitality
  • letting me spend my summers with granny and eat up her homemade french fries
  • teaching me to make ice box fruit cake, fry a mean pork chop, and make delicious sweet tea
  • dance classes, t-ball, cheerleading, ROTC, etc.
  • great hair for prom(s)
  • my pin-striped white Chevelle
Thanks for this and so much more….
I love you.

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