Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jackie Souffrant

Our friendship began about 10 years ago at the illustrious Arthur Ashe Middle. Then we found each other again in South Fulton on a Sunday morning church service. I was like divine intervention for us to reconnect. I am glad that I can call you my friend. I look forward to seeing how our friendship grows. I can only imagine how much more fun we will have.

Thank you for

  • helping challenge me to try new things
  • listening to me vent
  • girls night out in the 'A'
  • accountability in terms of getting fit
  • accepting me unconditionally
  • understanding my career frustrations
  • the obstacle course races we have done and will do in the future

1 comment:

  1. At times it's difficult for me to call someone my friend, but you have graciously held the title. Thank you for accepting me for me. I will always be there Storm.