Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Clarence Lamar Bradley II

I find it most fitting that I start my blog of thank yous with you. The wonderful things you have done for me and brought into my life in the passed 8+ years is countless. Yet I am so thankful for you.

Thanks for...

  • loving me unconditionally
  • being a wonderful father to our children
  • being a great example of a what a real man is to all who know you
  • finding me sexy at 190#s, 250+#s, and even now as I shrink
  • fixing our cars, the kids cars, heck every one in the family's car
  • for allowing me to stay home with our children
  • supporting me as I went back to school
  • willingly and lovingly doing bedtime with Angel and Three.
  • being my Boaz
My love for you grows daily and so will this list.

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